Manage your inventory, warehouses, orders, labor, shipping & analytics in one platform

Our Cloud Stack

Cloud Warehouse Management

Optimizing the flow of distribution centers from inbound receiving to order fulfillment, while managing operations in real-time.

Capable of running mid-market through enterprise distribution centers and warehouses, located globally in 80 different languages.

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Cloud Order Management

Assembles orders from multiple channels & marketplaces while, providing the capability to manage, change, distribute & execute orders across the business.

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Dashboards & Analytics

Analytics interface designed to continuously update in real-time, assisting in the decision making process across your business operations.

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Shipping & Rate Shopping

Save on shipping costs with our integrated shipping module. Rate shop shipments on major carriers as well as LTL freight in real-time to over 50 countries.

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Mobile Experience

Designed to direct your staff in real time via the cloud on smart devices. Available in 80 different languages to communicate throughout the workforce.

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The Cloud Advantage

Eliminate costly computing infrastructures with an approach that allows companies to easily grow, implement and compete. Project delivery in a fraction of the time along with a monthly pricing model that fits any budget.

10 Reasons Not To Use The Cloud

1.  You like to purchase expensive servers and maintain them

2.  It’s OK to have outdated software that isn’t upgradable

3.  Waiting months for systems modifications is fun

4.  Keeping up with market changes and demands isn’t that important

5.  Leveraging new tools to be more efficient is a waste of time

6.  You don’t like new concepts and trying new process

7.  It’s easier to keep legacy software on life support

8.  You like to hire lots of staff to maintain systems

9.  Spending more time to discuss what can’t be done, is better than getting it done

10. It’s also OK knowing that your backups & disaster recovery would probably not work

Starting as low as $795 a month

Cloud solutions for the modern warehouse. Manage your warehouse, orders, labor, shipping & analytics in one platform.

Modern Integration Platform

Your business depends on it. A simpler way of securely integrating with Enterprise applications, partners, marketplaces and shippers. Its not just about connecting Data – It’s about accelerating and delivering business value and innovation.

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JASCI Cloud Solutions for Logistics

Learn more about JASCI with a free demo to optimize your Omni-channel business operations

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