WEBINAR:  Innovating 3PLs for eCommerce

Learn from industry leaders on how to participate in the new paradigm shift to eCommerce.

WHEN: Friday, April 14th @11am EST

This 20 minute webinar focuses on how 3PLs can capture the eCommerce opportunity that is driving the globe.

The vast majority of what we purchase online to use in our daily lives comes from a network of warehouses located globally.  Having the right goods, in the right place, at the right time, and then being able to move those goods efficiently translates to competitive positioning.

In order to compete, thousands of brands will leverage a shared network of warehouses and aggregate shipping volumes to match the efficiency, and consumer reach, using common warehouses and software platforms.

Learn how to participate below:

Topics Include:

  • 3PL eCommerce market & opportunity
  • Retail transformation & what it means
  • How to leverage your knowledge & resources
  • Tools needed to play in eCommerce
  • How to compete with industry giants
  • Trend to augmenting Customer’s supply-chain
  • Next steps to get ready