retail solutions

Warehouse Management System for your Retail Operations

Retail Solutions

Take Your Brick & Mortar Operations to the Next Level

The most striking retail trend is the rise of omni-channel shopping, where consumers no longer distinguish between buying in stores or online.

Retailers need to look at enterprise inventory across all channels whether in their warehouses, stores or partners. Sounds logical, but each of these scenarios require very different logistical operations, and processes to perform order fulfillment for the Customer.

This has challenged legacy ERP and WMS applications, which require extensive modifications to perform these new requirements. IT infrastructures struggle to customize, deploy and support these new business initiatives. Revision management is almost impossible, and upgrades are a daunting task that could take months and years to perform.

It’s one thing to meet the business requirements, its another to efficiently and accurately fulfill orders across all channels.

Welcome to the Retailer’s new world of competition. We designed JASCI from the ground up to conquer these new opportunities.

For Executives

Our ecommerce solutions enable Executives struggling with increasing labor costs, complex aging systems and limited visibility to run the business more profitably.

  • Lower Labor Costs
  • Reduce System Complexity
  • Run Profitably
  • Visibility to the Business

For Managers

Our cloud enabled technology enables operational managers to perform their jobs with next generation tools. Ease of use, workflow flexibility and the visibility to run their operations smarter.

  • Ease of Use
  • Enhance Operational Workflow
  • Manage Operations
  • Visibility to Metrics


For Staff Members

Providing the tools necessary for staff members to perform their jobs at the highest level possible.  Next generation mobile experience with wearable solutions, and real-time feedback on performance.

  • Real-time Feedback on Performance
  • Earn Incentives or Rewards
  • Ease of Use, Ease of Training
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Coolest Gadgets in Mobile

JASCI Cloud Solutions for Logistics

Learn more about JASCI with a free demo to optimize your Omni-channel business operations

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