Labor Management

Optimizing Labor Efficiency While Running Effective Operations

Importance of Labor Productivity

Improvements in labor efficiency are as simple as, measuring and rewarding a team or individual for performance. Managing labor in real-time benefits the company running effective operations.

JASCI’s labor management provides the intelligence to measure and manage the labor needed to efficiently operate a warehouse. Effectively operating these levels will increase productivity and performance. Now combine incentive programs to reward your performers for efficient performance.

Rising Labor Costs, Labor Pool Shortages, Competition For Labor, Lower Profit Margins, Omni-Channel Pressures

Labor Forcasting

  • Time consuming for management
  • Mistakes in forcasting are costly
  • New legislation proposed by states
  • Labor forces demanding better scheduling
  • Very difficult to optimize

Incentivizing the Workplace

  • Drives productivity
  • Differentiates employers seeking quality labor
  • Workforce retention
  • Incentives with money rewards
  • Employee recognition

Analyze Labor Metrics

  • Real-time metrics
  • Historical labor metrics
  • Measure impact of changes
  • Analyze to achieve better performance
  • Reporting to the workforce & management

Recognizing Coaching Opportunities

  • Opportunity to increase performance of the bottom tier
  • Recognize performance improvements
  • Eases pressure on staff turn-over
  • Creates a better work environment

JASCI Cloud Solutions for Logistics

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