The Modern warehouse management stack

Designed to Keep your Company Competitive

Cloud Warehouse Management Stack

Designed with the latest technology by supply chain experts to keep your company competitive. Easy-to-use and available in 80 languages. Scale your operations from single sites to global supply chain networks.

JASCI created a cloud-based SaaS system to simplify logistics and warehouse management. Warehouses are unique, and require customized software to operate efficiently. Not only does it get you up and running quickly, but optimizes operations with best practices from inbound to outbound.

Warehouse Management Features

Feature List

Warehouse Management software system | warehouse management features

SmartTask Workflow

Patent Pending

JASCI invented a new workflow platform to transform the operations of warehouse logistics. Having the ability to create custom warehouse processes without coding, provides efficiency to your business operations. Within minutes you can create, test and train for optimal best practices.

Design Workflow

Designed to provide the ability to create, change and assign warehouse tasks in minutes, without coding; while granting flexibility in your omni-channel order management software.

Optimize Process

Create, test and train for efficiency in minutes, without the need for coding. You can copy and customize the templates, or create your own processes.

With multiple markets in mind, which include: eCommerce, Retail, CPG, 3PL & Wholesale Manufacturers, we have designed workflow templates for optimal omni channel commerce.

Android & iOS Ready

Seamlessly creates Android app & browser based mobile screens in seconds from the process defined in the workflow.

Templates run on smart handhelds (Android & iOS), tablets (Android & iOS) & laptops (Windows & Mac). Broswers supported include Chrome, Safari & IE.

Mobile Technology

We created a universal interface providing real-time communication across the enterprise. Instructions generated by the workflow engine allow for functions to be assigned instantly to the staff. The combination of our Android app and mobile smart devices, integrated with barcode scanners, efficiency and flexibility is implemented in the warehouse.

Smart Devices & Tablets

Mobile smart devices communicate assigned instructions, generated in real-time, to the staff.

Our Android app directs these warehouse functions, created with our SmatTask Engine, over a secure WiFi infrastructure to and from our Cloud.

Barcode scanners produce accuracy and notify a staff member instantly of any errors.

Voice Pick in 80 Languages

Integrated in the Android App, our SmartTask picking process along with, voice capability in 80 languages, is user friendly, runs in real-time, and us easy to enable.

With each picking transaction being multi-modal meaning, the screen and communication via voice work in sync, staff members are given a choice too which device will create an efficient work experience to complete assigned daily tasks.

Warehouse workers choose between: mobile smart handhelds connected by headsets or speakers and wearables with built-in speakers and microphone capabilities

Vision Picking using Wearables

Securely communicate over WiFi with our wearable device for real-time picking functions to our cloud.

With the SmartTask picking process already enabled for the use of wearables, staff puts the device on, login and starts their daily tasks.

Communicating using vision and voice simplifies the interactions while, connecting hands-free bluetooth scanners to ensure the accuracy of barcode scanning.

Labor Management

Warehouse labor is one of many critical assets to operating your business. Providing the insights for improvements in labor efficiency are as simple as, measuring, managing and rewarding a team or individual for work performance.

Real-Time Labor Management

Labor optimization designed to improve performance in the staff while, having visibility in real-time to provide labor where it is required to complete warehouse tasks.

Labor Reporting

Analyzing labor metrics in both real-time and historical data provide, the ability to generate customizable performance reports against the labor standards that are defined by your business.

Ex: Performance by Individual, Performance by Team, Task & Zone, and Date Ranges.

Leader Boards & Rewards

Staff members are notified of their performance during work hours by management now having the ability to generate these reports in real-time.

Providing immediate feedback to the warehouse staff creates opportunities to increase performance and growth while, driving productivity.

Having standard leader boards on display creates a positive work environment for employee recognition and incentive driven rewards.

Real-Time Slotting

Slotting is an efficient and effective way to reduce travel time while, optimizing storage throughout the warehouse. That translates to labor & equipment savings along with reduced time to fulfill orders, where you really make your money!

Real-Time Slotting

Our real-time slotting system constantly monitors locations and interweaves tasks for your distribution center to be efficiently slotted.

During normal hours of operation, inventory locations are optimized by, a smart algorithm that runs in real-time.

– Prioritizes inventory locations

– Interleaves pick clean technology to re-slot

– Classifies inventory based on rules

– Directs put-away and replenishment tasks

– Dynamically re-sizes locations (by size & velocity)

– Facilitates temporary push locations for speed

Fully Integrated

This is not an add-on technology, this is built-in at the core of our WMS.  There are many advantages to doing it this way, and starts working the minute inventory is received.

Reduces Travel Distance

A properly slotted warehouse will reduce travel distance.

This translates to dollars in your pocket and happy customers.  By minimizing travel distance, the workforce can get things done faster.

Inventory Management

Helping businesses of all size achieve accurate inventory from inbound to outbound operations while, managing product movements, replenishments, cycle counts & audits.

Inventory Management

Manages inventory across the enterprise including warehouses, remote locations, stores and channel partner inventory.

-Maintains inventory accuracy

-Tracks and updates inventory

-Ability to adjust inventory by location

-FIFO, LIFO, lot, serial, date and price rules

-Master File Maintenace, Hold Flags / Quarantine

Put-away Functions

Automates the Put-away process. Works in real-time and dynamically slots product based on multiple criteria to facilitate efficiency.

-Automated put-away

-Split put-away based on prime and bulk location

-Real-time slotting chooses the best locations

-Manual override capability with reporting

-Reports inventory issues for audits

Bin Control & Replenishment

Bin Control allows you to ensure 99.9% inventory accuracy at the bin level. This includes cycle counts & bin audits to ensure the most accurate inventory.

-Directs inventory auditors in real-time

-Prioritizes bin audits for inventory auditor

-Supervises the warehouse for inventory accuracy

-Reduces supervisory roles

-Ensures orders get fulfilled on-time

Replenishment functions facilitate the picking process.  Prioritizing replenishment functions ensures that orders are picked complete, and picked on-time.

-Prioritizes replenishment operations

-Reduces supervisory roles

-Replenishment staff is managed in real-time

-Order fulfillment & service levels are increased

-Reduces trouble orders in the warehouse

Order Fulfillment

A single system to manage, change & distribute orders for the entire outbound operations process of a company. Order management, wave less picking, packing and shipping are now all on one platform.

Order Management with Built-in Scheduler

The Order Management system organizes, profiles and dynamically releases orders in real-time to the picking operations.

-Profiles and releases orders

-Priority algorithm

-Allocates inventory by order priorities

-Ensures customer service levels

The scheduler provides the ability for operations to decide when to release orders at optimal times.  This is especially useful for deliveries based on Channels.

-Schedule work at optimal times

-Automatically releases orders for picking

-Manages the entire process without intervention

-Replaces traditional waving

Waveless Picking

Real-Time picking technology that supports multiple picking methodologies. Define workflow with our SmartTask workflow engine.

-Supports discrete, batch, cluster & singles

-Pick & pass and pick by label

-Integrated voice, smart devices and wearables

-Works with material handling automation

Packing System

Provides a flow for the packing process.  Ability to for stationary and mobile pack stations and provides process for multi-line and single orders.

-Logical carton organization for packing

-Configurable put-wall system for sorting order

-Trouble order handling

-Multi-item packing and singles packing

Integrated Shipping

Helping businesses of all size achieve accurate inventory from inbound to outbound operations while, managing product movements, replenishments, cycle counts & audits.

Customizable Labels & Documents

Create custom labels and documents for your businesses shipping needs.

– Add barcodes for invoices.

– Custom order reference numbers fir customers.

– Create shipping labels & return labels with logo’s.

– Map fields to templates to create documents for shipments.

Parcel & LTL Shipping

Save on shipping costs with the integrated shipping module.

-Parcel rate shopping system

-AMAZON Prime Rate Shop

-Rate shop LTL carriers

-Create custom carriers

Pack Stations with Address Validation

Easy to connect, easy to use and is capable of scaling in any size warehouse.

– Flexible pack station technology for warehouses, stores & 3PL’s

-Configured for single & multi-line item orders.

– Integrating scales, label printers & reccomended packing sizes.

– Address Validation for real-time street level validation vs. CASS-certified database

– Shipments are delievered correctly

JASCI Cloud Solutions for Logistics

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